Sustainable Design

While SP has LEED AP on staff, we are aware that sustainable structural solutions are not limited by the scope of LEED. SP is constantly searching for ways the SER can contribute to sustainability, not the least of which is the selection of the most efficient structural system, thus minimizing the use of materials. Sustainable solutions which we have used include:

• Fly ash substitute for Portland cement
• Use of on-site crushed recycled concrete for aggregate
• Use of recycled steel
• Use of wood products from sustainably managed forests
• Research and use of locally available materials

SP achieved the ultimate in Green Building structural design long before green became popular by designing an entire building for the US Navy so that it could be totally disassembled and relocated at another site at the end of its mission. The Plastic Media Blast Facility, used for stripping and painting the A-6 Intruder aircraft, now decommissioned, was disassembled and relocated from the Norfolk Naval Air Rework Facility to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard at Portsmouth and used for blasting and painting ship parts.